Blackant Mapping Solutions

Blackant Mapping Solutions has provided Mapping, Cartography and Geographic Information System (GIS) services for clients throughout New Zealand/Aotearoa for the past 25 years.

Our client base includes a wide range of clientele, including planning firms, publishers, research institutions, local government and health sectors.

Some examples of recent works:

Environmental Politics and Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand Edited by Julie L MacArthur and Maria Bargh.

A Fire in the Belly of Hineāmaru: A Collection of Narratives about Te Tai Tokerau Tūpuna by Melinda Webber and Te Kapua O'Connor.
and the Te Reo edition:
Ka Ngangana Tonu a Hineāmaru: He Kōrero Tuku Iho nō Te Tai Tokerau Nā Melinda Webber rāua ko Te Kapua O'Connor i tuhi.
Nā Quinton Hita i whakamāori.

They Shall Grow not Old: WW1 Soldiers of the Far North by Kaye Dragicevich.

Keep in a Cool Place: The first winter at Vanda Station, Antarctica by Allen J. Riordan and Simon Cutfield

The Post-Earthquake City Disaster and Recovery in Christchurch, New Zealand by Paul Cloke, David Conradson, Eric Pawson, Harvey C. Perkins.

Night Owls and Early Birds: Rhythms of Life on a Rotating Planet by Philippa Gander

At Blackant Mapping Solutions we assist our clients in choosing a solution which is appropriate for their needs, and deliver high quality maps, graphics and visualisations of GeoData.

Please get in touch with Tim Nolan to discuss your requirements - we look forward to hearing from you!